Flying in Papua New Guinea

Breathtaking Scenery....

Flying around Papua New Guinea in a light aircraft is a breathtaking experience, part and parcel of your adventure and journey with us - infinite jungle vistas, crazily-high mountain peaks and endless waterfalls.


hagen___karawari.jpgDue to the remoteness of our Wilderness Lodges our aircraft are an important aspect of our business. We rely on them daily to keep our lodges operating - transporting guests, staff, food, essential supplies and equipment.

We manage a fully licensed commercial air-charter company and own a variety of aircraft, each suited to the different roles that we require. Our aircraft are maintained to a very high standard in both Australia and Papua New Guinea. Our pilots are well trained, experienced professionals who have been flying in PNG for many years operating into some of the most challenging airfields in the country.

Our daily flight schedules are designed around your itinerary so you may happen to fly on any one of our aircraft during your stay. On occasion you may travel on a multi-sector flight with a stop at a maximum of one other airfield en-route to your final destination. With the exception of Bensbach Wilderness Lodge, our lodges are within 45-minutes flying of each other depending on the aircraft used.

As our aircraft are light aircraft and the airfields that we operate into are short and unimproved, we do have strict weight restrictions and impose a baggage limit of 15Kg per person on our inter-lodge charter flights (10Kg check-in and 5Kg carry-on). We also recommend that you bring small soft duffel type bags as if we cannot fit your large hard sided suitcase into our aircraft cargo hold, then we have to leave it behind. Excess or oversize baggage can be stored for free at our office in Port Moresby.

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