About Papua New Guinea

The Land of the Unexpected


about_png.jpgPapua New Guinea is one of the last frontiers of adventure travel, providing an unparalleled array of natural beauty, exotic wildlife and cultural tradition. Located just north of Australia, Papua New Guinea is the second largest island in the world next to Greenland and is the highest island in the world.

about_png_2.jpgA land of geological contrasts it is marked by 4500 meter mountains, expansive rain forest terrain, vast river delta systems and pristine coral atolls. Such diversity is only rivaled by the people themselves whose traditions remain an active part of everyday life and are as varied and breathtaking as the landscape that surrounds them.

With over 700 known languages, Papua New Guinea has one of the most diverse populations on earth with many different cultures. Intrepid travelers can immerse themselves in a vibrant collection of cultural possibilities. From the colorful body adornment of the highlanders to the ceremonial and decorative carvings of the Sepik Region, the people of Papua New Guinea share their customs and their heritage with a genuine openness and hospitality.

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