Madang Culture

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culture_madang_1.jpgA quarter of the world's languages belong to Papua New Guinea and 25% of these are from Madang. No area in the world has such a variety of unique cultures.

Human contact with the Papua New Guinea mainland dates back 50,000 years. In Madang scientists have found evidence of human settlement near Simbai dated 12,000 to 15,000 years ago. Over the past 6,000 years sailors originating from Taiwan have traversed this area, leaving their mark in the languages which are distributed along the coastline amongst the villages of this area.

Madang boasts remote mountain communities, perched on ridges amongst the clouds, river people with stilt villages, coastal agriculturalists and deep sea fishing communities from the islands. Due to the relatively recent contact with the western world, many cultures and languages remain intact and people are continuing to live a similar traditional lifestyle.

culture_madang_2.jpgThe artistic side of traditional cultures offer visitors a marvelous array of artworks and performances. Sing-sings are regularly performed to the beat of Garamuts (slit drums) and Kundus (hand held drums) with the dancers brightly decorated with Bird of Paradise plumes, leaves and paints. Bamboo bands, utilizing the unique Madag bamboo base and guitars encourage more contemporary dancing. Village based theaters tell traditional stories and morality tales. Carvings of great variety and skill, clay pots, drums, bowls and kitchen utensils, bilum bags and weapons are still made in the traditional style and are available for purchase.

Malolo Plantation Lodge is a relaxing beachfront lodge owned and operated by Trans Niugini Tours in the Madang North Coast area. We have friendly and knowledgeable local guides who will escort you in safety on day trips to experience the amazing local culture of this area.

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