Birding in Papua New Guinea

A Birders Paradise...

Twelve_Wire_KRJ.jpgThe island of New Guinea has one the richest and most varied avifauna in the world. The 708 bird species identified so far for the islands include 578 land and freshwater species, 40 sea birds and 90 migrants from countries to the North and South.

The non-perching birds include cassowaries, birds of prey, megapods, pigeons and doves, cuckoos and coucals, owls and frogmouths, lorries and lorikeets, parrots, cockatoos, kingfishers and hornbills.

The perching birds include cuckoo-shrikes and trillers, shrikes, thrushes, logrunners, babblers, warblers, fairy-wrens, fantails, monarchs and robins, whistlers and pitohuis, honeyeaters, finches, starlings, mynahs, orioles, drongos, wood swallows, butcherbirds, bowerbirds and Birds of Paradise.

There are 43 known species of Bird of Paradise on our planet, 38 of these are found in Papua New Guinea. The extent of the millinery trade of the last century significantly affected the populations of these beautiful birds and as a result, all species of Bird of Paradise in Papua New Guinea are now protected and it is illegal to take their plumes out of the cBlue_Bird_Hang_Aba_RR1.jpgountry. The major threat to their existence now, is commercial logging and the clearance of their habitats and rainforests for gardens as the country's population grows.

Ambua Lodge is a world renowned birding destination with over 217 different species recorded in the area. The Lodge offers early morning birding tours to all guests visiting the lodge as well as day and night birding tours to avid birding groups.

Rondon Ridge has almost 180 species of birds in the surrounding forests and is also home to many Bird of Paradise species. Rondon is fast becoming a popular birding facility and also offers early morning bird walks through the Lodges' rainforests as a part of the regular touring program.

Karawari Lodge with 229 recorded species, also offers early morning birding by riverboat along the Karawari river. Several species of Bird of Paradise are resident as well as many other lowland and waterbird species.

Bensbach Wildlife Lodge has 191 recorded bird species and offers a unique glimpse of massive flocks of migratory birds as well as species endemic to the area.

Western province is home to over 50% of New Guineas total bird population.  Lake Murray is one of the best bird watching areas in the Province.  In addition to a host of migratory birds, several birds of paradise species, pelicans, hornbills, eagles, parrots and numerous other birds have been sighted.  Click on the link for comprehensive listings of the birds.  

Experienced and knowledgeable local birding guides are available at all of our lodges to escort birding tours.

Click on the links above for all the recorded species at our Lodges.

Below are samples of the birding itineraries we offer:

- Birding Adventures

- Birding in Paradise

- Birding Experience

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