Sepik Spirit

Luxury in the deepest Sepik...

The Sepik Spirit takes our guests on a voyage along the waterways of Papua New Guinea's Sepik region. 
Currently, the Sepik Spirit primarily journeys on the Karawari River, the storied tributary of the Sepik River, and on to the Krosmeri River which allows entry to the mysterious Blackwater Lakes.


Few visitors reach the Karawari, Krosmeri and Blackwater villages. Travelers can look forward to warm welcomes and genuine experiences as they walk through villages that look much as they always have.

tour_1.jpgTime will be spent with villagers hearing about rituals, warfare,initiation ceremonies and ancestral beliefs.  Men’s houses, spirit houses and family houses will be visited.  

These villages are renowned for producing tribal art specialties such as masks, flutes and spirit figures. There will be opportunities to view and purchase art pieces and crafts in the villages' impromptu and low pressure markets.

The densely forested riverbanks of the Karawari River contrast with the wide open expanse of the Blackwater Lakes. Bird life is rich throughout both regions.

There will be plenty of photo opportunities, including those of day-to-day life. Men gather on their clan's bench. Children paddle canoes to school. Women fish with hand lines while keeping a fire burning in a clay fireplace.


The Sepik Spirit is accessible by charter flights that operate in/out of the Karawari airstrip. A scenic trip along the Karawari River, on the boat used for daily tours, transfers passengers from the Karawari airstrip to the Sepik Spirit. Lunch is on board the Sepik Spirit and the journey downstream begins.

As always, the crew of the Sepik Spirit will consider current water levels and local conditions when planning the touring details of each departure.

The Sepik Spirit will travel back up the Karawari River at the end of the trip to have passengers in position for an early morning departure from Karawari airstrip.

_DSC4154.JPGThe standard Sepik Spirit tour is 3 nights.  It can operate for a minimum group size of 8 passengers.  

A 4 night tour can be arranged for a minimum group size of 9 passengers.
A 4 night tour could include a day of touring on the main Sepik River.

The Sepik Spirit is accessible by Trans NiuginiTours' air service. Flights depart from Mount Hagen where Rondon Ridge is located and from Karawari Lodge and Ambua Lodge. Charter flights from other departure points can be arranged.

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