Our Aircraft


P-750 - XSTOL

Power: 750 Hp Pratt & Whitney Turbine Engine
Payload: Up to 9 Passengers or 1100 Kg freight
Speed: 260 km / hr

Our brand-spanking new, purpose-built STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) aircraft. Quiet and comfortable with a powerful, ultra-reliable engine and high lift wing, it masters our flying conditions with ease.


Beechcraft Baron

Power: 2 x 260 Hp Continental Engines
Payload: Up to 5 passengers
Speed: 300 km / hr

Our "Executive Aircraft" - recently completely refurbished the Baron is a fast, comfortable, twin-engine aircraft that we use for longer passenger carrying flights all over PNG.

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What's new and exciting in PNG?

  • Dont miss out on our Mt Hagen show  - only space left on Discoverer and half twin male share on Vista!  Click here to view availability on our show programs.


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